Computer Prompting Services, Inc.
I finally got the web-site password!  I haven't been able to
update the site in forever.  A whole new design HAS to
happen. Our email links were broken and they have been
repaired so you should be able to contact us more easily.

Long time, huh?  We've had a busy time since the last post.
America's Best Dance Crew is still going. Notable shows
airing now that CPS Prompting is doing... Tosh.0, Minute to
Win It, Real Time with Bill Maher, Survivor: Redemption
Island finale.  These in addition to all the specials and E!
Entertainment's coverage of various red carpets.  

I only have a minute to blog... so, where to begin. Real Time
with Bill Maher? 2009 Game Show Awards? Survivor
Tocantins Live Finale? Michelle Obama's commencement
address at UC Merced? The Revlon Run/Walk? The Annual
DGA meeting? Oops, ran out of time.

I'm presently sitting in the B-unit of Denali Summit working
outside the Lincoln Memorial on the "We Are One" special
for HBO.  This is the kick-off event for all the inaugural
events happening here in Washington D.C. this week. CPS
is prompting three productions here. We're back at
America's Best Dance Crew, Last Call with Carson Daly,
Talkshow with Spike Feresten... The SAG Awards are next
weekend and The Grammy Awards two weeks after that.
Last week we did the People's Choice Awards.

The lack of web-site updates could be attributed to the fact
that we're so busy.  We had a team of 15 prompter
operators working at the Pepsi Center and Envesco Field in
Denver for the Democratic National Convention.  Congrats
go to the entire team for a stellar job of coordinating,
prepping, rehearsing and keeping podium operations up to

We've upgraded much of our equipment this year, adding to
the services we can offer.   

Here's something interesting we found on the internet. Click
on the following links to see.

Bron's list...   John's list

I feel older just looking at that!

Also, I just discovered this online... at the end of the clip,
check out who catches the bride's bouquet.

Production Number Video

This week we're in Las Vegas with the Miss USA Pageant,
in Hollywood with Dance on Sunset, In Studio City with
Secret Talents of the Stars and this weekend on Real Time.
We've been asked to bid the Denver Democratic
Convention in August.  Had a meeting last week with the
I.A.T.S.E.  Things went well.  Prompter operators with a
pension and health benefits just for turning a knob?  
Unheard of!!! It's a reality.

Two days to go to Oscar 80 and we're about to do our 24th
show in 25 years.  With Entertainment Tonight and the Road
to Oscar as well as the Film Independent Spirit Awards and
Real Time happening today, needless to say we're  a touch
busy.  Next week we're back at America's Best Dance
Crew and soon Unsolved Mysteries and Last Comic
Standing are returning.  Did anybody see Duel (The Game
Show)?  It's coming back for a run of Fridays.

We've been busy upgrading our equipment to maintain the
most reliable prompting equipment around.  There's even a
new custom-made all-in-one prompter system designed for
optimum portability and function. What should we name it?

Computer Prompting Services is happy to announce that
we've expanded. We brought in 3 more full-time employees!

We're auditioning new talent.  If you'd like to be a prompter
operator... call or write.  We want people that are
knowledgeable with P.C.'s and Windows software (who

The Oscars have come and gone as well as the Grammys,
Golden Globes, Radio Music Awards, Academy of Country
Music Awards, Tsunami Relief for NBC and the American
Music Awards.  We are happy to have been selected as
prompter ops for the new Joan & Melissa Red Carpet
shows for all the "Big Shows" that they report from.  Right
now we're settling into the routine of the Dennis Miller Show
and Real Time with Bill Maher.

Whoa Nelly!  We've been cranking out the TV in the last few
weeks.  The Latin Grammys for CBS, Pepsi's Play for a
Billion, The Creative Arts Emmys, An Evening of Stars
Tribute to Quincy Jones, Last Comic Standing, The Dennis
Miller Show, Coming to the Stage for BET, Comic View for
BET, Real Time with Bill Maher, and In Search or the
Partridge Family not to mention the Primetime Emmy
Awards.  After we catch our breath we'll continue making
more television magic.

Although life seems rather simple since the convention, we
manage to remain busy on the production end.  We shot the
open for the third season of Last Comic Standing yesterday
as well as taped the third season of Club Comic View for
Black Entertainment Television.  Real Time with Bill Maher
is continuing and we will begin a new series for VH-1 and
Jeff Margolis Productions that leads to the casting for the
Partridge Family revival.

Here's a look at John Cox on C-Span on the 3rd day of the

Haven't updated in a while.  Been too busy.  We just
completed a stellar job in Boston at the 2004 Democratic
National Convention.  It took a crew of 13 people to staff the
2 rehearsal rooms at the Fleet Center, one at the DNC
headquarters, one at the Park Plaza Hotel and one in John
Kerry's residence on Beacon Hill.  A perfect job.  We would
like to thank Frank Warner and ESP systems from Chicago
for supplying us with his PowerPrompt software that kept us
up and running.

We are currently taping Last Comic Standing at the Alex
Theatre in Glendale and the Miss Teen USA Pageant in
Palm Springs as well as Dennis Miller's CNBC show and
Real Time with Bill Maher

It's official!  Computer Prompting Services has been
selected for the 4th time to provide teleprompting services
for the 2004 Democratic National Convention in Boston.  
This is a huge undertaking and we are excited about having
the opportunity to show our expertise.

We're installing the Miss USA show at the Kodak Theater
today.  The Miss Universe Organization has always been
very good to us and we appreciate their loyalty.

"Motown 45" was taped today for later broadcast.  Some
outstanding performances and always a pleasure to work
with Jeff Margolis Productions.  We'll be working with Jeff in
a couple weeks on the "Spotlight Awards" that honor local
L.A. Teenagers who are exceptional in performing arts.

This week we're making the final arrangements on the
Motown 45 special.  We're also on board for the ABC Fall
Roll-Out in NYC as well as the Daytime Emmy Awards to be
held in May.

Another great week with 12 hours of LIVE television.  Live
television is our specialty.  It's so great to work with
production companies that know what they want to get on
the air and manage to do it day-to-day.  The taped shows
are fun too, but there is nothing like LIVE.  Guess we're
adrenaline junkies!

Don't tell anyone, but the Democratic Committee called us
today to "Update their contact information."  Could this
mean.... Boston?  Wait and see.