We have many different prompting
display options.  

Camera mounted applications:

All of our camera mounted displays are LCD-TFT Color Flat
screens for a sleek state-of-the-art look.  These are the mounts
used for news, talk shows, wrap-around shows, etc.

18” high-bright daylight readable lens-line

15” high-bright daylight readable lens-line

10.4” high-bright daylight readable lens-line & above-the lens

12” above-the-lens for Jib type cameras

9” above-the-lens for hand-held, Steadicam or Jib

7” above-the-lens for hand-held or Steadicam

5.6” above-the-lens for hand-held or Steadicam

Rear Screen Projection Monitors: image

These are used for prompting award shows, variety or tribute
shows or any project that puts the camera at the back of the

72". 65", 61" DLP monitors (two or more of each available)

Flat Screens: image

50" Plasma, 37" LCD, 32" LCD, 20" LCD (two or more of each

“Presidential” Podium set-ups: image

These are used for stealth prompting.  Again, we only use flat
screens for the sleek look.  This set-up is best for awards
banquets, fund-raisers, conventions, etc.

Other Display Options: image

For concerts, we can set-up floor monitors on the stage to
resemble audio monitors…

The Most Experienced Operators in the Business

Unlike most other prompter companies that are
"Vendor/Operator" type businesses, we actually have a staff of
operators that have many hours of LIVE television production
experience.  We get it right the first time because in LIVE TV
there are no re-takes.  We take the time up front in preparation
of production to make sure the show script is as readable as
possible.  We take the same care for shows that aren't live,  
always helping the talent on camera look as good as possible.